Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Next Update Will Fix Lip Sync Issues Introduced by Patch 1.1.1


Ubisoft has updated its list of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s known issues, reassuring fans that it’ll fix the funky animation during dialogues – a problem introduced by the previous patch, 1.1.1.

The incoming update will also fix Photo Mode glitches, quest-breaking bugs, and missing fish in the ocean. Full list of fixes in the pipeline and issues under investigation are as follows:



  • Fish do not spawn at coasts or in the ocean
  • Photo Mode frames not applied to photos
  • Fishmonger cannot be finished / quest remains in celebrated status
  • Cannot proceed with several quests:
    • A Cruel Destiny / NPCs intervenes during the bossfight
    • Cannot move shelves in The Demon Odor at the Tithe mystery
  • Cannot complete Dobby’s Altar / Cannot find Fabric anywhere
  • Final order member not revealed after defeating all OOA members.
  • Diamond rune slots on gear pieces other than torsos (More details available here)
  • Mythic gear sets are downgraded when redeemed in Vinland
  • Lip Sync / Mouth movement during dialogues since 1.1.1
  • Cannot interact with Tove after completing Carrying the Torch / Tattoo shop



  • Cannot proceed with several quests:
    • A Brother’s Keeper
    • Taken for Granted
    • The Seas of Fate
    • A Rivalry for the Ages
    • A Sword-Shower in Anecastre / Aelfred doesn’t move
    • The Big Finish / Unable to complete the boss fight
    • The Big Finish / Quest objective doesn’t upgrade when delivering the paint
    • Walls and Shadows / Objective not updating
    • Road to Hamartia / Halfdan doesn’t follow player
    • In Absence of an Ealdorman / Quest marker missing
    • In Absence of an Ealdorman / Body missing in Roaring Meg’s Spring
    • In Absence of an Ealdorman / Brooch collected before starting the quest
    • Stench of Treachery / incorrect traitor selection
    • Have You Seen This Man / Petra stuck
    • Clues and Riddles / Unable to interact with door
    • Defensive Measures / Jotuns can pass through shield
    • War Weary / Cannot re-enter quest area
    • Blood from a Stone / Unable to move cargo
  • Final order member not revealed
  • Cannot move shelves in The Demon Odor at the Tithe mystery
  • Fish missing (Flatfish large, Halibut small, Mackerel large, Sturgeon small
  • Avenge quests are nowhere to be found
  • Cannot complete Dobby’s Altar / Cannot find Fabric anywhere
  • Multiple issues with Ubisoft Connect challenges not being properly tracked and stats not displaying the correct information

The patch has yet to be dated.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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